Second Time's A Charm

Finally have the chance and perfect weather to try out a second roll of Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400. 

Very surprised and satisfied with the results this time. I guess having a working light meter really helps (my first time was shot without a light meter), making it much easier to expose a shot correctly. Most of these are shot slightly overexposed. Even the scanning quality is better this time compared to the last, looking forward to see how my own scans using a camera will compare to this.

Not sure what contributed to the difference in quality compared to the previous roll (Take a look here if you missed the link previously). As I've mentioned it could be the light meter resulting in correctly exposed shots; could also be the lens in use, previously I used a Russian Jupiter 50mm f/2 which is known for low contrast and heavy flaring without a lens hood. The Canon lens here seems to be much better in terms of quality. I also suspect there's some post processing involved by my lab during the scanning process although I really like the colours, not too saturated and in line with what a Superia 400 should look like. 

Very looking forward to my next roll now which I will shoot very soon.

Pictures shown are original as scanned from the lab, with some highlight adjustments and perspective correction done by myself using the provided TIFF files. 

PS: Some might notice a slight pink/brownish spot on the bottom right of some pictures. That's my finger... and this is what happen when you don't have a flipping mirror to show what your lens is looking at (SLR vs Rangefinder). Will be more wary next time.

Gear - Voigtlander Bessa R2 + Canon 35mm f/2.8 M39 LTM

Filmstock - Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400

Developed and scanned by Express Imaging Ltd, Cardiff

Post processing - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 (Highlights and perspective correction only)